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4 Uncommon Highlights of Sydney Australia

When on a trip most of us like to change it up.

Still be a tourist but perhaps visit some less touristy spots or at least the ones that aren’t advertised on the same level as the infamous Sydney Opera House.

Which is still an amazing sight to see in itself.

Here are a few that are most unusual.

#1 The Museum of Human Disease

If you have ever tried to convince your child to wash there hands and they didn’t listen. Or if you want to help someone stop smoking to no avail, then this is the place to take them them.

As I like to say, “scare them straight.”

They have over 2,500 specimens of diseased human tissue preserved.

The museum also has specimens of of parasites and tumors with teeth and hair in them.

Some specimens are are now irreplaceable due to cures and other medical interventions that prevent them from getting to the stage at which they were harvested.

#2 Royal Botanic Gardens

This is 1 of 3 major botanical gardens in Sydney with an unusually difference.

This one was established like the others with 75 acres of historical specimens and thousands of beautiful plants.

However this garden has become a home to bats.

There you can see flying foxes or what is known as the cat size version of the fruit bat. They can be seen during the day hanging from the trees waiting for dusk to begin there activity.

The population is estimated at being around 22,000 bats in residence.

Due to destruction of the protected plants the authorities are in the process of trying to safely tag and move the bats to a new home.

If you are a bat lover or just like the unusual, go see them while you can.

#3 Justice and Police Museum

It is set in the old Sydney’s Water Police Station and Magistrates court, founded in 1919.

The late victorian building still has its grim cells and charge rooms.

Down the hall is an array of mugshots staring back at you in black and white.

There is case notes and evidence presented for cases that were mundain down to men and women who were notorious in that time.

Don’t worry once you walk into one of the cells you are free to walk out but if you need help there are some respected Sydney Criminal Lawyers not far.

#4 Sydney Fish Market

Sydney is right on the water making it an ideal location for a full fish market.

There are fresh soft loaves of bread, pink shrimp right out of the water, bait and tackle store, and cafes to sit and enjoy the day.

If you aren’t from Sydney then this is a good time to compare the seafood you so often see in your hometown to what comes from out of the ocean here.

This is also a highlight if you enjoy people watching high in the festival season as many venture out early to get what they want from the local fishermen and stay to enjoy the other venues the market boasts.

The market offers behind the scenes tours to get a closer look.


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