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4 Potential Careers for Business Majors to Pursue


Business majors have a variety of career options to pursue once they finish college. And as the years go by, starting salaries for business majors continue to go up. Getting through years of accounting, math and economics shows will and staying power, commonly sought after attributes for employees these days. Plus, new business jobs get created every couple of years. Some degrees even give you the benefit of receiving executive insights. Degrees like an online Christian MBA allow you to receive personalized tips and guidance from people who are experienced in the field. Depending on the school you attend, this interfacing can take place online or face-to-face. Connections are everything in the business world, so why not make those connections before you even receive a degree? Information regarding schools that offer this degree is free, so you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

Graduates these days have plenty more choice than they did a decade or two ago, even if availability is an entirely different issue. Below, we’ve listed a few of the best career paths for business majors.


Banking has always proven itself one of the more solid jobs out there, regardless of what part of the bank you work in. You can work for big banks that span internationally, or you can just get a job at the local credit union. Either way, it can turn out to be a pretty fun job. You get to help people with their money without scamming them or trying to sell them things they don’t need. Especially during the fall, businesses look to hire a great number of undergraduates.

You can also become an investment banker. You can pursue this path by becoming an analyst once you graduate with your business degree. If you want to get a grip on investment banking, you’ll probably start by helping distribute capital for business ventures. The finance industry had undergone a rough patch but recently it’s getting better. There’s plenty of ways undergrads can get involved in banking and all of them lead to higher positions, assuming you’re willing to stick with it for long enough. You can usually jump right into financing, sales or research with an undergrad degree.

Accountant or Auditor

This field has a relatively high turnover rate, but don’t let that alone discourage you. Accounting firms constantly look for new graduates to fill positions, so it might work out perfectly if you’re just out of college and looking for a new job. They like that new graduates have all the latest information and techniques in their minds, and they look to utilize those for their company. If you’re really serious about an accounting career, you may want to forego a general business degree and major in accounting at GMercyU.

“Given the economic environment and complex reporting regulations, professionals in this field are needed to give accurate information now more than ever,” says Leslie Stevenson, director of the career development center at the University of Richmond. Those who do best at this job have high quantitative skills and can pay good attention to detail. If you’re interested in becoming an accountant, it might serve you well to check out more information about careers at Fisher Investments.

Management Consultant

The perfect job for the indecisive business graduate, working for a consulting company offers a great place to begin a career in business if you don’t know sure what sector you’re most interested in. With a job as a consultant, you get to see all different kinds of industries from the inside, but that’s not the only benefit.

When you join a management consulting firm, you can earn great experience and just as good of a paycheck when it comes down to it. Basically, you’ll have the responsibility to come up with strategies and operations initiatives for companies of all sizes. It’s great for somebody who wants to specialize in several different areas. Plus, in a way, you get to tell managers what to do, and that’s a great feeling no matter where you work.


This job works well for global thinkers. If you think you can make wise business choices that apply to just about any company, you might want to put your talents towards an advertising or marketing position, especially in the radio, TV or newspaper.

Creative people also find a nice job in advertising and marketing, and it’s a great way to combine that skill with your business knowledge. Both advertising and marketing can get you involved with the brand of your employer while simultaneously helping that brand grow. Most experts claim that this area of business should continue to grow quickly for years to come. It’s probably one of the easiest sectors to find a job in, and it’s going to keep getting easier in coming years. Young people in particular end up in a marketing or advertising job more than any other kind of job.

So now that you’ve got some ideas, do a bit more research and figure out which job might feel the best as your career.

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