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4 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation Getaways

Plane ticket to Puerto Vallarta booked — check! Bags packed lightly — check! An excellent book for the flight and beach — check!

This vacation sounds great already! You are now ready for the fun part, hopping on the plane and people-watching at the airport. But, are you prepared to get the most out of this vacation? Here are four tips for you if you wish to experience the most fun and relaxation you can from your break.

1. Outsource the Not-So-Fun Stuff

Didn’t bring enough underwear with you? That’s okay, but this doesn’t mean you should be standing in front of a washing machine waiting for your clothes; that isn’t what a vacation is. It is just taking your normal life and moving it closer to the sea., like most hotels, resorts, and rentals, offer complimentary or a fee-based laundry service. Put it to good use as it is worth the money to have that time to explore.

That brings up another point: when traveling away from home, one of the best ways to fully experience your vacation is eating but not having to cook. Let the local chefs prepare you something delicious that you have never tried before so you don’t spend hours of your valuable vacation time in front a stove.

2. Disconnect and Turn-Off

Pretty much anyone will tell you to turn off your electronics and give all your senses and attention to the new experiences you are bound to have on vacation. Everyone on Instagram does not take a picture of the beach every hour, on the hour. So use your time more wisely and try new things. Go for the quality of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The closer you get to the local culture, the more you will learn and experience, as well as forget about your phone.

3. End on a High-Note

With all those new adventures you had over your vacation, make sure you save the best for last. The human brain likes to think about the last event more often than the ones that precede it. So if you are going to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience, make sure to save it until the end. This way, the recency effect takes hold.

4. Share Your Story

Once you get home, you must now tell everyone how your time was spent in Puerto Vallarta. Make sure to recount your experience on the beach in a positive light because memories are shaped over time by how we think and talk. So the more you say, “it was the best time”, “I loved the sun I got” and “I would recommend it to anyone. The vacation was amazing,” the more it actually becomes true.

There really is no secret mix to the perfect, relaxing vacation, but these four tips to enjoy your trip will help you get there. Just remember, if it doesn’t need your attention, don’t do it. Turn off your phone, end the trip on a high note and talk positively about the time you spent away. Only then will it be a success in more ways than one!


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