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3 Ingenious Ways of Making More Money in 2016

There is perhaps no other topic on planet earth which generates as much interest (apart from matters pertaining to sex) than making money. The rich and the poor alike all want to make more money. Human wants are insatiable and even when the amount of money available to the individual increases, tastes would usually step up to match this increase. Be it as it may, every one of us could do with more money in 2016.

We now discuss three ingenious ways by which you can make more money in 2016.

  • Monetize Your Hobby

Without hobbies, life would be one long, boring existence. According to Wikipedia, “a hobby is an activity, interest, enthusiasm, or pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, typically done during one’s own leisure time.

Everyone one of us has hobbies. Some people can play musical instruments and do this in their spare time. If you are in this category, you only need to look at a fellow like Jermaine Griggs to see how a hobby as simple as playing the piano can be turned into a million-dollar empire.

Some people have other hobbies like exploring gadgets or playing video games. Some can paint, others can sew. Some love to learn a new language, while others may like to read, go fishing or play sports. Thanks to the Internet, even the simplest of hobbies can be turned into a money-making venture. If you can play musical instruments, you can teach others to play for a fee or even create an online course like Jermaine Griggs to do the same. YouTube is there for you to put your hobby out there to the world and sell yourself. You can teach others how to sew, or participate in fishing competitions.

The rule is, if it can be taught and there are people who want to do what you can do as a hobby, you can make money with it. You just need the right platform to showcase what you can do, then reach those who want to do what you can do and won’t mind paying for it.

  • Trading the Financial Markets

Trading the financial markets has made a lot of people millionaires. Now while you may not make millions from an activity like trading forex, you can certainly make a few hundred dollars doing this in your spare time. Trade 24 is a forex brokerage company that has provided a platform where the average Joe can participate in the forex market and make some money, they also known for taking care of their staff pretty well.


Trade 24 has a social trading structure, which allows complete newbies to still make some extra money from forex simply by copying the strategies of successful traders. To be able to do this, you follow these steps:

  1. Open a live trading account on the website. This is done in a few minutes using an online form.
  2. Use any of the filter tools to look at the performance of the various traders whose results can be copied.
  3. Head over to the social trading section and click the “Copy” link to immediately start reproducing the same successful trades that you see.


A certain trader I know makes a few hundred dollars using the social trading model and the guy is not even a proficient trader. How smart is that?

  • Learn a New Skill and Work as a Freelancer

The global freelance market is now a major employer of labour, as companies try to reduce personnel costs by using a global on-demand workforce to cater to everyday tasks. However, with the competition for freelance work increasing by the day, only the best at what they do can be assured of steady, well-paying gigs. One way to stand out is by ensuring you are so good at what you do that clients will practically beat a path to your doorstep with their money in their hands.

A certain guy who makes thousands of dollars a month as a web programmer was asked what his secret was on a popular social media site. His answer was that he took out 12 months (the next year) of his life to study his new skill. He worked at it, practiced heavily and by the next year, he was really good at it. From one satisfied customer to the next, his reputation grew and he is now at a point where he has to reject some jobs because of his heavy workload.

So whether you teach a hobby, copy-trade on a forex trading site or you learn a new skill so as to work in the freelance market in 2016, you should be able to increase what you make throughout the New Year.

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