10 Ways to Pass the Time While Waiting in Long Black Friday Lines

urban-438393_640There are two things people usually associate with Black Friday: amazing deals and long lines. It’s true that getting inside the store and finding your desired item is only half the battle—you’ll then likely have to stand in lines that wrap around the entire store. Make the most of your downtime by using these ideas for 10 ways to pass the time while waiting in long Black Friday lines at popular stores such as Best Buy.

  • Talk to your neighbors. After all, you’re all in this together so you might as well make some new friends. Although Black Friday can be a stressful experience, many people are friendly and will welcome a conversation with a stranger. You can start by talking about what deals they found, who they are shopping for, and where they are headed next before seeing where the conversation takes you. You might even get some tips about other places to shop or end up with a new shopping buddy!
  • Plan your next shopping stop. Serious Black Friday shoppers know to not waste a minute in their hunt for the best deals. Use the time in line to look at different stores’ ads, plan your strategy for your next stop (including your route through the store), and see what items are still in stock.
  • Power nap. Chances are you are probably staying up too late or getting up too early to score those amazing Black Friday deals, so use the downtime to catch up on sleep. You might have to learn to sleep standing up, which may require some practice beforehand.
  • Take pictures or video. Black Friday shopping truly is an experience unlike any other. Remember the occasion by taking pictures and videos of your group, your great finds, or the general madness of the store. You can also send the pictures to friends and family who are shopping other places to compare stories and experiences.
  • Play games. Load some fun games on your smartphone and watch the time zoom by. You can play an individual game, like Solitaire, or a group game like trivia or 20 questions to involve members of your group and fellow shoppers. For the less tech-savvy, you can also bring in a physical deck of cards or word search book for the same effect.
  • Take turns. If you’re shopping with a group, you can rotate who stands in line while the other people go to the bathroom, get food, or find a quiet area of the store to rest. Just be careful you aren’t rotating who is shopping and bringing back more items, as that can frustrate people behind you in line.
  • Read. It’s a classic for standing in line, and for good reason. Bring a physical book or magazine or load something enjoyable on your phone or e-reader. Just be sure it is something you can jump in and out of easily, as there may be lots of distractions as you read.
  • Exercise. There are lots of exercises you can do in a small space, such as calf raises, lunges, or arm circles. You may look a little ridiculous, but you’ll be in great shape to run and find the best deal in the next store.
  • People watch. Black Friday brings out an interesting assortment of people and definitely allows for unique people-watching opportunities. Make a game out of it by counting how many people you can see wearing their pajamas, with crazy hair, or buying the year’s hottest products.

Stay organized. Take advantage of the opportunity to stand still by cleaning out your wallet and purse and organizing your receipts so you don’t lose any important information in the hustle of the shopping trip.

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