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10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Market

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There is a lot of nice homes for sale these days and it’s all we can do to keep up with the latest trends and ideas to make your home stand out from the rest. To make sure potential buyers are interested in your place there are some great ways to prepare it for viewing that could catch the eye of the next owner.

  1. Declutter

What may not seem like a mess to you could seem a bit too much to a possible purchaser. As much as you love them, reduce the number of photos and school art on the refrigerator and fold the blankets in the living room. Today houses need to look ready to move in to keep up with the competition.

  1. Clean it up

This tip may seem obvious but we aren’t just talking about toys lying on the floor or dishes in the sink. Your home should be completely spotless. Wash the windows, polish the faucets, keep the floors shining, and the carpets vacuumed.

  1. Fix up the yard

Is your lawn out of control with long grass or are the edges near the sidewalk sloppy? There is a lot of tools in the garage, like a mower, or at the store, like a quality cordless weed eater, that can be used to get the yard ready.

Plant some flowers too, if the season calls for it. It all goes back to staging and making your home ready for their furniture to move right in.

  1. Create an atmosphere

It seems like this step is in direct competition with the decluttering idea, but adding certain things might create a pop in the room. Color is important because it catches the eyes of buyers and adds something to that dull gray sofa. You can move the art around to give your place the look of a showroom.

  1. Paint the walls

Are all the walls in your home white or egg shell? This is another area where color might come in handy. A new coat of paint will not only give your home a fresh look, using the same color to join the master bedroom and the bathroom attached can make the whole area seem like one big suite of rooms.

  1. Hit the trim

Since you will go through the trouble of painting the walls, you might as well add a coat of paint to the surrounding areas of your doors and windows to brighten the place to new viewers. You can’t deny that clean white trim in comparison to door frames that have smudges and chips is much more appealing to someone looking to purchase.

  1. Open the drapes

While you might like the rooms to be dark, especially when you are sleeping, people looking through your home are going to want to see it in the full light. Once you do this you will be able to see any flaws that need fixing. Also, the sunlight makes the room much brighter, which gives the impression of a larger space.

  1. Move the furniture

Maybe the way your furniture is set up isn’t conducive to letting people roam through your home, which is what they will be doing when they come to see it, or when your realtor has an open house. By keeping what furniture you can in the center of the room, like your sofa, coffee table, and easy chairs, this creates a space that can aid to the flow of traffic.

  1. Don’t forget the garage

This is an area of the home that can get out of hand fast, mostly because some people treat it like a big closet and just shove stuff in there. When you are having folks look at your home they will want to see a well-organized space that illustrates how much storage they will have once they purchase your house. Get rid of the junk or, if you can’t, rent a storage space, and make that garage look perfect.

  1. Or the Closets

Folks are going to be looking into your closets. They need to see how big they are. It’s time to start getting rid of things, purging old clothes you never wear and giving your grown children the childhood mementos you’ve saved for them. While we are at it, take this last tip and apply it to your basement and laundry room as well. The key is making your home look ready for them to live in it.

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