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$10 off $25 Purchase at Lowe’s

By Shawn

Through July 30, 2008, enjoy $10 off a $25 purchase at Lowe’s Home Improvement store when you use your Visa card.

Follow this link, and fill out the form. You should receive your coupon within 24 hours.

I believe you can get a maximum of 2 coupons per mailing address.

One other note. You may want to fill out the form at home. They do log IP Addresses, so, if you work for a large corporation (as I do), you may not be able to submit the form.

Note from Clever Dude: You can actually use the coupon with any form of purchase (at least credit), even though it’s listed as a Visa promotion. It’s a printable coupon and I’ve already received mine, although I haven’t tried using it yet.

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  • I just filled it out and got mine in my email. I looks like you can just cut it out and use it. Since I don’t make it a habit to use credit cards, and my debit card is a MasterCard, I plan to try it paying with cash. I’m not sure that it honestly makes any difference, unless Lowes is a getting a portion refunded by Visa, which is silly considering that Lowes has to pay a percentage to Visa for any CC transaction. It seems much easier to offer the discount for any payment since it would honestly cost Lowes more money to offer $10 off and pay Visa the per cost CC transaction fee. Just my thoughts.

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