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10 Inexpensive Ways to Keep the Romance Alive After Valentine’s Day

Now that Valentine’s day has come and gone, the chocolate treats have been discounted in the stores and the cards are put away, it’s time to think about how to take these annual 14th of February traditions and keep them going the rest of the year.

I don’t remember the statistic but the amount of money the average person in a relationship spends (on Valentine’s day) is staggering. I know the discussion is had every year about how we should do nice things for one another on other days of the year (and not just Valentine’s day) but we don’t always act on our good intentions. The reality though, is that it doesn’t have to be expense (or cost anything at all) to make your spouse feel special during the other 364 days of the year. Here are 10 inexpensive (or free!) ways to keep the romance alive after Valentine’s day.

  1. Play a game together. This doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy, my husband and I enjoy crib! Another option is to work on a puzzle together.
  2. Go for a walk. Fresh air is good for the soul. Bonus points if you hold hands.
  3. Grab coffee/icecream/favorite treat together in the daytime. Day dates are actually my favorite (I’m officially too old to stay up past 10pm).
  4. Netflix and chill 😉 n’uff said.
  5. Random flower delivery. Every few years I get a random flower delivery at work or on a day I happen to be home and it’s always a lovely and unexpected surprise. You can get flowers delivered in Brisbane using Flowers for Everyone.
  6. Do each other’s ‘’chores’’. Keeping it real here. We all have household tasks that we do and if your spouse does them for you it’s always a nice treat. Something as simple as washing the dishes when it’s a task you don’t normally do or folding the laundry/taking garbage out/whatever, take initiative to help your spouse without them having to ask.
  7. Cook dinner together (with no children around). As nice as it is to go out and be served, planning and cooking a meal together can be a lot of fun.
  8. Future and goal planning date. Every few months my husband and I get together to map out or current and future goals. Some are in progress (like trying to prep our house to sell) and some are nothing but dreams (like hypothetical trips). It’s fun and important.
  9. Try something new together that neither one of you have done before.
  10. Sleep in. Get a babysitter if you have kids, sleep in and stay in bed past 7am on your day off!

Being romantic outside of Valentine’s day doesn’t have to involve much of anything. The most important currency in a relationship is time so make sure you give and receive lots of it!

What is your favorite way to spend time with your spouse?


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